Please follow these easy steps to become the owner of your brand new equip:

1. Please ask for an inquiry yourself within the online form and request for a price quote of your item, our staff will write back within one business day with the requested price information, including shipping options and lead time estimate. Send your personal or company files to so our back office team can work on the invoice and order.

2. The prices on our website are the latest brand/suppliers advice prices and are not negotiable. We ask you to send us your necessary copies for the client registration and order progress.

3. We send an official invoice back to confirm the order.

4. After making sure all information is correct, we will wait for your bank payment to a third party administrator or right away to the supplier of your choice. This information will be included in the invoice paper. Bank transfer international secured wire payments are only acceptable. Credit cards, Western Union or PayPal are not accepted as legal options for these exclusive orders by Germanydiag or our partners. Personal pick up is not possible because as a supplier Germanydiag orders the units and have an external transportation logistics partner.

5. We confirm the payment and let ship the goods. For orders of our standard products, this is normally done within three working days; shipping time for OEM orders is determined case by case. Normally we need within 5-9 working days to send out the complete units.

6. The shipment tracking code is the delivery prove. Germanydiag sends only products out via our logistic partner. Optional is an Insurance Transport module for stolen or missing parcels.

All prices on this website are stated excluding extra local customs taxes, shipment and handling costs. Bank transfers are in the EU free of charge. Outside the Europe Region, the small extra bank costs will be for the customer. Any questions? Please contact us via our Contact information.


Please take care that Germanydiag supplies only original OEM systems. All the units will be ordered and if needed to be programmed individual for the customer, and on their company specifications if needed.  Parcels will be sent with a dealer sealing logo and strip.  Once broken or send out Germanydiag doesn’t accept returning parcels. Our logistic dep. needs some working days to settle up the complete shipping process. Thanks for your trust and placed order by Germanydiag and partners.

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