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Draganflyer X4-ES Professional Quadcopter Drone

The Draganflyer X4-ES with Sony RX100 III Camera is a professional quality, powerful, easy to fly aerial platform specifically designed for Public Safety use. The aircraft is reliable because it’s constructed using high quality carbon fiber and injection molded components meaning that when you need to fly, the aircraft will perform. A good quality folding frame means you have a strong aerial platform that you can easily pack into the back seat or trunk of an automobile. The easier the aircraft is to transport, the faster you can get from one job to another.

When packed in it’s rugged transport case the complete helicopter system meets airline baggage size requirements meaning it saves you from those expensive over-size charges. Because the Draganfly system is designed and manufactured in-house we control the quality, design, software and systems integration delivering a helicopter system that is inherently stable making this a dream to fly. The onboard computer and 11 sensors keep the helicopter level in real-time and pointed in the right direction so when you “park” the helicopter in the air using the GPS position hold function you can shift your attention to getting the photos you need. Even in a GPS position hold you can reposition the aircraft, continue shooting photos and meanwhile in real-time, the telemetry data system is monitoring aircraft battery health, heading, bearing, altitude and both audibly and visually alerting you to any aircraft warnings making this aircraft easy to fly and maintain.

Draganflyers, Above All… Save Lives

Draganfly Innovations is the world leader in Public Safety UAV’s that provide real-time airborne situational awareness to support a variety of high-value missions. The Draganflyer X4-ES is a technologically advanced UAS designed for today’s first responders.

Incredible Aerial Photos & Video

The X4-ES helicopter system carries a wide variety of payload systems that can be quickly interchanged to meet the needs of any particular mission. Everything from 21mp high resolution imagery to FLIR thermal, or MicaSense Multispectral. Camera gimbals are gyro stabilized, the camera is vibration isolated from the airframe, and high quality video is delivered through a dedicated digital communications channel. This powerful combination helps keep the camera on target and provides high quality results.

Just Grab & Go

A high quality folding frame means you have a strong aerial platform that you can easily pack into the back seat or trunk of an automobile. The easier the aircraft is to transport, the faster you can get to a mission, setup, and deploy the aircraft. When packed in its rugged transport case, the complete helicopter system is compact, protected, and one of the most practical systems on the market.

Durable and Safe

Constructed from high quality carbon fiber, the strength to weight ratio of the aircraft is very high, coupled with a strong folding frame helps reduce damage in the event of a hard landing or hitting an obstruction. Bottom line this level of quality protects your investment.

Vision Based System (VBS)

The ergonomically designed controller provides precise aircraft control, real-time aircraft telemetry, spoken verbal alarms, camera control, on-screen live digital video down-link, mapping, and semi-autonomus flight modes for altitude hold and GPS position hold functions; meaning that in one small package you have all the information you need at your finger tips. The new handheld GCS is a work or art and the integrated display and verbal alarms ease pilot load making it a dream to fly.

Patented Folding Airframe

Space saving design for convenient transportation. Size matters, so the Draganflyer X4-ES packs up small but retains the ability to be quickly assembled, set-up, and deployed. At Draganfly we understand that the design of an excellent sUAS package goes well beyond the aircraft.

Handheld Ground Control Station

  • Designed for critical, real-time missions.
  • Our extremely portable and ergonomic handheld ground control station provides you with a direct sunlight viewable screen for real-time video, telemetry, and mapping.
  • Controlled by our powerful Draganview software, safety features such as audible alerts and automated return-to-home, either at the touch of a button or when communication is lost, provide an extra level of protection.

Powerful Aerial Imaging

  • On the fly switching between color and thermal FLIR imaging.
  • The Draganfly dual payload system features a brushless 2-axis stabilized mount housing two camera systems that function as one.
  • During the same mission you can view and capture high resolution still images and/or at anytime switch the video down-link feed to the FLIR camera system. All the while, the FLIR subsystem is recording video to the on-board micro DVR. Two camera subsystems that to the user, appear to function as one.
  • Draganfly also offers a multispectral camera combination for the X4-ES. Please see our payloads page for more information.

Quick-release Payloads

  • Change your powerful payload options in seconds.
  • The Draganfly Quick Release (QR) payload is clean, simple, fast, and even better, it eliminates the need for messy cables between the payload and helicopter.
  • The benefit: it’s very fast to swap payloads and there are no worries about missing a critical connection. Clean, quick, professional … that’s a simple way to sum-up the Draganfly QR payload system.

Quick-release Propellers

  • Efficient motor cooling on a whole new level.
  • Our patent-pending, quarter-turn mounting propellers get you in the air fast. The efficient carbon fiber propellers are keyed to ensure proper placement on the appropriate motor.
  • This unique mounting system also incorporates a powerful, centrifugal cooling system. The combination of all of these features provides you with long-lasting flight times and extreme portability.

Intelligent Battery

  • Safe, durable and long–lasting.
  • The battery is the magic behind high quality small unmanned systems and at Draganfly Innovations we take this very seriously. With the push of a button we quickly pre-flight the battery and our in-house design circuitry is consistently balancing the cells providing under-voltage, over-voltage and short–circuit protection.

Ultraportable Transport Case

  • Protect your investment; take your system anywhere anytime.
  • Every Draganflyer X4-ES system comes standard with a custom designed military grade transport case for ultra-portability. CNC foam cut-outs provide a safe and convenient place for every component. Lighter soft bags are also available upon request.

Technical Overview

The Draganflyer X4-ES is an electric powered semi-autonomous small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) intended to be flown within line-of-sight by the Pilot in Command (PIC). The aircraft features the ability to automatically take-off and utilizes a unique Vision Based System (VBS) to set points-of-interest, stare-points, save a mission and locate ground based targets. The power of the X4-ES Ultra Portable system and the handheld GCS is quite remarkable.

SteadyFlight System

Both the hardware and software of the advanced SteadyFlight autopilot system was designed in-house by the Draganfly team. Featuring 11 on-board sensors the SteadyFlight system is constantly monitoring the attitude of the aircraft and in real-time providing control
and telemetry data data to the handheld controller.

Data Logging

Flight data logging is captured in real-time to a removable micro-SD memory card on the handheld controller and optionally on the base station computer when used.

Fail Safe Systems

In the event of an excessively low battery condition or lost data link the helicopter will “auto-land” or “return to home” (RTH) depending upon the situation. RTH is a direct route and will automatically land at the original take-off zone. An altitude threshold can also be programmed so that when you’re out flying the aircraft will not exceed the preset altitude.


  • Width: 87cm (34.25in)
  • Length: 87cm (34.25in)
  • Top Diameter: 107cm (42in) – Height: 29cm (11.5in)

Weight and payload

  • Helicopter w/battery: 1,675g (3.7lbs) – Payload capacity: 800g (1.8lbs)
  • Max take-off weight: 2,475g (5.5lbs)

*Flying weight including the flight battery, gyro stabilized camera mount and the SONY RX100 camera is an amazing light weight of only 5 pounds. Draganfly has gone to great lengths to design and manufacture a strong, light weight solution, that delivers amazing results proven to save lives.
To see the latest camera line-up and system options including FLIR thermal imaging, please take a look at X4-ES Cameras Options. 

Flight characteristics

  • Max climb rate: 2m/s (6.56ft/s)
  • Max descent rate: 1m/s (3.28ft/s)
  • Max turn rate: 90 degrees/sec
  • Approx max air speed: 50km/h (30mph)
  • Minimum air speed: 0km/h (0mph)
  • Launch type: VTOL
  • Max altitude ASL 2,438m (8,000ft)
  • Approx sound at 1 meter distance: 72db – Approx sound at 3 meters distance: 62db

Position navigation lights

  • 1 watt LED variable brightness
  • Luminous flux at full brightness 40lm
  • Standard aircraft colors Red, Green and White


Nothing but the finest materials are used in the design and fabrication of the Draganfly systems. Everything from the quick release props, the patented folding helicopter frame to the printed circuit boards are designed by the Draganfly team and by doing so, we can provide best-in-class quality, service, and systems support. All the design work, software engineering, and fabrication is done at our facility to provide the best products and services.

Precision control

Some might think flying a helicopter can be difficult but by engineering every component from the ground-up we’re able to make flying an enjoyable experience and it all starts with something as simply being comfortable at the controls. The new GCS uses premium grade
gimbals and components to provide precision control of the aircraft. And because we’re displaying video directly on-screen and providing verbal audio alarms there are fewer distractions. All the information you need is at your finger tips with the spin of a dial or click of the mouse.

Intuitive controls and software

At Draganfly we believe it’s important to have the skills to fly the aircraft while at the same time, provide valuable tools, an amazing system, and excellent aircraft to bring this capability to many people. The new GCS is a big step in that direction because it rolls a tremendous capability into one controller. For example a scroll wheel allows you to quickly move between screens and the unique D-Pad works like the clicker on a mouse to quickly access to more information.

Digital video down-link

Digital video is wonderful. With digital we get much better range, no longer is there static in the picture and because the digital system works over the spread spectrum it reduces the chance of systems interference. Video latency is less than 400ms only because we worked very hard developing our own software drivers and worked hard on systems integration to make it happen. Video is streamed in real-time to the GCS where it can be recorded, a single frame snapshot can be taken and easily transfer to a USB drive.

Alarms and limits

It’s always great to have someone looking over your shoulder but why not let the new GCS be your eyes and ears. It’s always a good idea to be scanning telemetry data and keeping an eye on the health or the aircraft but now, with the new GCS it talks to you and let’s you know when there is a status change or warning message. Besides a powerful tool it’s a wonderful companion.

Internal GPS

The GCS system has an embedded GPS system in the controller so the helicopter is always aware of the distance between the aircraft and the pilot.


This is an amazing piece of work. The new GCS is powerful, comfortable, it talks to you and it provides vivid high quality streaming digital video. It has a mapping system, real-time data and the ability to store or recall a flight plan so you can pilot the aircraft back into the same spot.
The new GCS combined with the power of the new X4- ES or X6-ES package is a powerful, simple and easy to use combination. It takes a lot of work to make something appear to be so simple.

This package includes

  • X4-ES Helicopter Air Frame: Complete Ready-To-Fly solution. Includes 4 brushless motors, 4 carbon fiber rotor blades, main circuit board, and folding landing gear.
  • GPS: GPS Receiver and firmware with GPS position hold and return to home capability.
  • Aircraft Software: On-board stabilization software with SteadyFlightTM technology.
  • Aircraft Power System: Two 4 cell 5400mAh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.
  • Handled Ground Control Station: The ground Control Station (GCS) is ergonomically designed with a full on-board computer system, high quality joystick flight controls, digital video down-link system, and supports both analog and digital cameras.
  • Charging System: Includes high-power lithium polymer battery charger, balancer, and power supply.
  • Transport Case: Rugged, waterproof, crushproof. Keeps the helicopter and all parts safe during transport and storage. Light weight and compact to make the system extremely portable.
  • Tool Box Pouch: Includes the necessary tools to work on the Draganflyer X4-ES helicopter.
  • Log Book: Stay organized and keep track of flight planning and operations.
  • X4-ES Users Manual: Full of pictures. Helpful and easy to read.
  • Digital Video Basestation/Receiver: Base station and monitor for receiving and viewing digital video from the helicopter, includes Base Station and Google Nexus 7 tablet with Draganview App, mounted to standard hand held controller.
  • Brushless Stabilized Camera Mount with Sony RX100 III Digital Still/Video Camera: High resolution digital camera with remote tilt, shutter, and wireless video feed. Pitch and roll stabilized camera mount.
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