Documents supplied by us may not be copied or made available to third parties or used for any purpose other than the agreed purpose.

Delivery Dates and Payments We will endeavor to adhere to stipulated delivery deadlines. However, due to the hazards processing, delivery deadlines will not be binding unless expressly agreed otherwise. Germanydiag is a platform for worldwide brands, suppliers, technicians and engineers which develop and sell their software/hardware products. These sellers and suppliers are externally based from Germanydiag. Each order will go through several channels and is in handling by the individual supplier. Our contractual obligations are subject to our supplier delivering the correct products to us on time. If payment deadlines are not met, this will automatically give rise to all of the statutory consequences of default, without any special reminder being required. In particular, we reserve the right to charge interest at the applicable rate charged by our bank if such interest exceeds the interest rate prescribed by statute (8% above the reference interest rate). Furthermore, the entire balance shall become due and payable immediately, irrespective of any payment targets.

Prices/Terms and Conditions of Payment We calculate the applicable prices on the date of delivery, such prices being in EURO (EUR) unless otherwise stipulated, plus an additional amount for VAT as applicable from time to time. Unless special terms are agreed, the prices should be understood to be prices ex-works, with no deduction or discount being granted for immediate payment. Our advice prices are based on regular registration, administration, license and connection fees. In the Package Sale discount, the 2 units must be ordered and paid for 100% in once. The lowest unit of both will be supplied with the applied discount. Orders which exceed the € 50.000 can be wired by bank transfer in two moments. The first by placing the order and the second moment after receiving the parcel by TNT Express. Fax contact information for AIP licensed and IES certified clients 655755029

Place of Performance and Passing of Risk The place of performance for the delivery is the principal place of business of our respective supplying factory. The place of performance for payment is our principal place of business. Germanydiag is not responsible for import or export costs above the invoice order. When goods are transported, the risk (of accidental loss, destruction or deterioration) (the “Risk”) shall pass to the Customer as soon as we have delivered the goods to the carrier chosen by us. We deliver all our products and service licenses in once, and cannot be responsible if the brand, supplier or GM cancel these services. Germanydiag is not responsible for any Customs handlings or additional fees/charges by local depots from the Transport partner and Government depot.

Relevant Information regarding Electronic Commerce In case we use electronic means for the conclusion of a contract with regard to the supply of goods or rendering of services (“e-commerce”) in the sense the Customer waives its rights regarding a) availability and explanation of a system to recognize and correct input errors before submitting an order and b) the supply of information regarding (i) the necessary steps to conclude a contract, (ii) electronic storage of the contract so concluded and its accessibility to the Customer, (iii) the possible languages available for contract conclusion.

Applicable Law and Judicial Forum With the exception of choice of law rules under UK private international law and the provisions of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (“UN-CISG”), the substantive law of Europe shall apply to all legal relationships and transactions established by this purchase agreement. The judicial forum for both parties, including for bill of exchange matters, is our principal place of business (registered office). If we become the plaintiff in litigation, then we are also entitled to bring an action in the jurisdiction of the Customer’s principal place of business (registered office).

Special options and legal attentions for each product are available. Prices are excluded the shipment costs, IES network connection and fees.

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